Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Almost empathetic to Kanye...almost...

I almost get it...

When the first thing you learn about a woman is how talented she is, and maybe not long after realize an attraction, you can easily develop a deep empathy.

Then, you get to see how hard she works, and how much her craft comes from her soul, and the closer your are to that soul, the more her work means.  Maybe you understand it better than most do.

She is brilliant, she is talented, she has worked hard to be able to make this kind of music.  Your admiration for her helps that really shine for you, probably brighter than for anyone else.  You hang on her every note: in performance, in rehearsal, in practice.

When it comes time for others to recognize that work, it is absolutely heart wrenching for you to see it recognized for less than you know it is.  You want to hop up in front of her and confront everyone within earshot that they just don't get it.  How can they possibly see this work as anything but the best that could be?

It is kind of sweet they way you defend her.  I get it.  It might take everything you have not to stand and scream out loud the injustices to which you feel her work was subjected.

The truth is that everyone who is nominated for a Grammy has someone who feels that deeply for them, and knows they have earned that award.  When someone else is chosen to go up to the podium to accept it, that means that neither you or they were, this time.  Almost everyone else in the world who has ever been in this position has graciously let the other person have that moment, at the podium and later in the media.

Not only do you embarrass your loved one by doing so, and ruining the moment for the winner, but you look like a putz.  You look like a putz because you are a putz.  You aren't a putz because you are in love and are compelled to defend her work.  You are a putz because you can't see that they way you do it is wrong.

So, almost, but not quite...almost...


  1. Even "almost" is more empathy than I can give Kanye.

  2. Even "almost" is more empathy than I can give Kanye.