Friday, March 5, 2010

Why this blog...

I am a school band director, and it works for me for several reasons:

a) It might be the only thing for which I have the right skill sets.
b) I like teaching smart kids.
c) I like teaching kids that choose to be there.
d) When I finish my job, people clap.
e) I, like everyone on the planet to some extent, love music.

In my twenty-plus years of teaching, I have accumulated (and continue to collect) lots of anecdotes, experiences, relationships, triumphs, failures, and other stories. It occurred to me this might be the perfect forum to create a chronicle. Names and events may change, some to respect anonymity, and others just because I remember it wrong. We'll see as we go. I hope this gives you some sort of benefit, no matter who you are.

1 comment:

  1. psst. but I'd say all kids you love to teach the all posses a gift ....might not be in music but this I no to be true, god has blessed all his children in one way or another:) I feel your heart in this, its a good insight into your very soul and I think the kids you teach are very blessed to have you...