Saturday, April 17, 2010

My Two Favorite YouTube Videos...

Just a quick entry for you....

Igor Stravinsky conducts the lullaby and finale from "The Firebird"
An 82 year old Stravinsky conducts the New Philarmonia Orchestra in London in 1965. To see the amazing mind that created this music use his frail body to conduct it is heartwarming, especially as you see him choking back smiles as it hits the climaxes.

Paul Potts' initial audition on "Brittan's Got Talent"
This video remains for me great example of the importance of music, and how its experience and passion can bring a person from one place to another in life. It gives me goosebumps when this unassuming little man wins over an entire audience with none more that the opening notes of his performance. You can almost feel the audience's expectations transform as he sings.

Enjoy! Spread them around!


  1. Dude, I didn't watch the video- but I pretty sure Pol Pot is not a musician!! ;-)

  2. Dear Mr. Wright,

    I'm not in trouble now, but I'm immobilized from an almost-two-month old injury but healing. I type one-handed, so I'm less wordy.

    I'm still reading your blog. Have you ever come up with a list of your 25 most influential singles? I'd love to read it if you did.

    Do you teach in summer, or is the funding cut in your area as in mny areas? Do you attend workshops or take classes in the summer, or dou you mostly have the summer off? If so, do you use it for professional gigs, or do you travel, or mostly just chill.

    Alexis, your time-out reader who is not presently in time-out but is reading anyway

    P. S.
    I'm double-posting this so it does not become buried. Don't read again if you already found it the first time.