Saturday, February 2, 2013


For those who read this but do not follow me on Facebook, I encourage you to do so if you like. I "microblog" there pretty regularly. I am there most of the time as opposed to Twitter because even in my micro-efforts, I am often a little more verbose than 141 characters allows me to be. (


  1. Dear Mr. Winters,
    I cited you in a recent blog about my own educational experiInces, particularly because I reminded myself of one of your studrnts you described. I did not mean to steal your work, and I hope you don't mind. mind.

    Your reader,
    Alexis Anne Rousseau

  2. I appreciate your letting me know, and flattered that you would consider me worth citing. My last name is Wright, but Winters is a cooler name. Maybe it should be my nom-de-plume!

    Hope all is well!

    Joe Wright